Our Values

Our values are in our DNA’s.

Respect for Humanity

In line with the value we give to humanity and human dignity without discrimination, we prioritize care and respect in our relations with all of our colleagues and stakeholders.

Ethical Values

When reaching the success, we prioritize consistency, reliability, transparency and honesty in our words, behaviors and actions.


We recognize the objectives of our institution and we take responsibility to realize these goals. When we make choices on this path, we first observe the needs and benefits of our country, then our family, then our company, and finally ourselves.


Each one of us is committed to developing our expertise in our field, using up-to-date technology and working methods, and at the same time to assuming behaviors and attitudes to set a good example to others.

High Quality

We target the highest quality in every task we do and we always work for the better.

Environmental Consciousness

In our policies, investments and activities, we do not only comply with environmental legislations but also we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and we work to find innovative solutions to environmental issues.

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